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Blackboard back online after upgrade
Blackboard is now available again following upgrade and implementation of new features.
Join the Salford Advantage Award
If you are looking to gain some further experience and skills whilst studying at Salford – try the Salford Advantage Award.
Graduating students - back up your work
Make copies of any data files your wish to keep. Your F: Drive and SkyPro storage will no longer be accessible once you are no longer a registered student.
Peel Building PC suites closed temporarily
From Monday 7 July until Friday 29 August, the Peel Building PC suites are closed for student use because they are being used by the University during the Clearing period.
New ‘My IT Desk’ app launched
The University’s IT Services have launched a new application to allow students to report faults, request new IT services and track the progress of their cases.
University Road closed 28 July to 18 August
Building works for the new Halls of Residence will restrict vehicular access to Peel Park campus from Wallness Road.