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News : How to Successfully Do Business in China

How to Successfully Do Business in China

Date: Jun 04, 2013

The Modern China Institute Launch Event - An Introduction on How to Successfully Do Business in China is taking place at the University of Salford on Thursday 20 June  2013. We have been able to allocate 10 free places to students from our University (issued on a first come first served basis).

China’s growing importance economically and culturally has driven many countries, including the UK, to strengthen and deepen their commercial links with the world’s second largest economy. Individuals and organisations looking to break into the Chinese market, can increase their chances of success through an understanding of China’s history and its unique business and cultural environments. It is becoming increasingly important to have knowledge of key concepts such as Mianzi and Guanxi, and their relevance to Chinese business culture. An appreciation and understanding of Chinese business etiquette and culture will help companies to navigate a Chinese market which can be complex but which has huge potential.

Attendance at this event will provide you with the knowledge and skills that you can take back to your workplace in the UK, use when dealing with Chinese partners, suppliers or clients, or call upon if you are visiting China for work or pleasure. Moreover, knowledge and understanding of China’s business and cultural environments, especially in the current economic climate and China’s increasing influence in the global arena, serves to increase the employability of individuals.

Please click here to see further details of the event, and information about how to book your place.

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